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Randy Stonehill and Phil Keaggy - Together Live!

Randy Stonehill/Phil Keaggy Together Live! Package I had high expectations for this CD/DVD set and have been looking forward to it from the minute I heard the news mid-spring. And when I finally got my hands on it, the performances of Phil and Randy did not let me down one bit! Both men clearly enjoy playing together and it translates very well to DVD, adding spontinaity and energy to the experience. Important in a live setting, these qualities are even more important on an impersonal DVD that needs to stand up to repeated viewings. And this DVD begs for repeated viewings!

Both performers are relaxed and having fun. Highlights of Philıs set are the always show-stopping ³True Believers², ³Salvation Army Band² and ³Shades of Green². ³The Wind & the Wheat² is a rare treat and ³Let Everything Else Go² and ³Under the Grace² are tender-hearted and sincere. Randyıs set was no less delightful, proving he is as heartfelt as he is funny. He jumped into the energetic ³Hand of God² and then went into a blues direction with ³Spirit Walk². The interactive ³Shut De Do² is always a crowd pleaser.

But one of the biggest highlights of the DVD were the songs Phil and Randy played together. Phil improvised through one of Randyıs new songs, a very heartfelt ³Angelıs Wings². ³Thatıs The Way It Goes² featured both of them on guitar and vocals and the obvious Beatles influence shone through in their harmonies. ³Who Will Save the Children² is one of those songs that just had to be on this DVD and the two of them did a great job. Then Phil switched to an electric guitar to join Randy on ³Keep Me Runninı² and burned up the fretboard! The concert closes with a rousing ³Sundayıs Child² where more Beatles influenced harmoies rise to the top.

A great performance all around. The only things missing were ³Love Broke Through², originally recorded by Phil but written (and later recorded by) Randy. And since this was a Compassion-sponsored event, I was expecting ³Little Ones², a signature Compassion song of Philıs. But those are minor grievences and I was very pleased with what I saw.

And what DVD would be complete without bonus footage? This includes a bonus song from the performance and some of the most outrageous, hillariously funny outtakes I have ever seen in my life. If they included these, I canıt imagine what they left out! Youıll laugh until it hurts! Also included are artist bios from both Phil and Randy and a Compassion video.

The CD (sold separately) is missing ³The Wind and the Wheat² and has an edited version of ³Shut De Do² but includes Philıs cover of ³Here Comes The Sun² and Randyıs ³Old Clothes².

The only pitfalls of this set are that the DVD menus in the artist information section donıt always function properly and thereıs the annoying 2 second gap between the songs on the CD‹with no crowd fades to ease the transition.

Itıs worth noting here that Philıs performance is much more relaxed and less subdued than on the Philly Live! DVD he released last year. That said, it is not a replacement. Philıs set is much shorter and the duplicates songs have less of an extended jam feel. Both DVDs are well worth having in your collection.

All in all, this is a fantastic piece of work by both Phil and Randy. Philıs fans should be pleased. Randyıs fans should be pleased. And fans of both should be ecstatic! And for those who saw the Keaggy/Stonehill tour during the late Œ80ıs, youıll be able to relive a bit of the magic; and for those who missed out, hereıs your chance to glimpse the two together again!

You can get the DVD and CD separately, or save $5 and get the package.

-- by Stephanie Bargenquast

1 The True Believers
Phil Keaggy & Randy Stonehill - Together Live! - The True Believers
2 Salvation Army Band Phil Keaggy & Randy Stonehill - Together Live! - Salvation Army Band
3 Hand Of God * Phil Keaggy & Randy Stonehill - Together Live! - Hand of God
4 Spirit Walk * Phil Keaggy & Randy Stonehill - Together Live! - Spirit Walk
5 Shut De Do' * Phil Keaggy & Randy Stonehill - Together Live! - Shut de Do'
6 Who Will Save The Children Phil Keaggy & Randy Stonehill - Together Live! - Who Will Save the Children
7 Shades Of Green Phil Keaggy & Randy Stonehill - Together Live! - Shades of Green
8 Here Comes The Sun Phil Keaggy & Randy Stonehill - Together Live! - Here Comes the Sun
9 Let Everything Else Go Phil Keaggy & Randy Stonehill - Together Live! - Let Everything Else Go
10 That's The Way It Goes Phil Keaggy & Randy Stonehill - Together Live! - That's the Way It Goes
11 Keep Me Runnin' Phil Keaggy & Randy Stonehill - Together Live! - Keep Me Runnin'
12 Sunday's Child Phil Keaggy & Randy Stonehill - Together Live! - Sunday's Child
13 Old Clothes * Phil Keaggy & Randy Stonehill - Together Live! - Old Clothes

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