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Glass Harp at Evans Amphitheater, Cain Park
in Cleveland Heights, OH on August 02, 2003

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From Steph...

I feel very blessed to have been able to attend this very special event. It was a very wonderful weekend with many unforgettable moments before, during and after the show and at the Rock Hall on Sunday. Every Glass Harp show is special, and this one was no exception. But, as far as GH goes, this was the best concert I've ever attended and next to Strings Attached, the best I've ever heard or seen video of.

Since Joe did such a great job, I'll just share with you my personal highlights from the evening.

"Seven In A Box" - This was probably the most unique song on the CD and it took me a few listens to get used to it. I wasn't sure this would translate well to a live show (don't ask me why) but this was the first song I heard when we pulled up to soundcheck that afternoon and I loved it during the show!

"Image" - One of the first things Phil said to me as I walked in to soundcheck was "we worked up 'Image' for you!" He knows how much I love the song (I request it every time I see him!) so I was very honored when they played it and touched when Phil dedicated it to me. An added bonus was that Phil played an acoustic guitar (a Taylor, no less!) for this tune, which he doesn't usually do with Glass Harp. Great job, guys. You nailed it!

"This Is My Prayer" - WOW!!! This is definitely a tune capable of sustaining a very extended jam and provided John with a new spot for his mind-blowing drum solo. Phil does a bit of nice percussion on it as well ;). They had the horns out for this one and had a good bit of salsa fun!!!

"You Whisper Something" - I still think this would make an excellent radio single. Very Beatles/Byrds-ey type tune with some incredible harmonies. Jeff Snauffer did an outstanding job on mandolin. When Phil and Jeff were practicing before the show, they played around with this piece and Phil suggested he take a mandolin solo. Well done, Jeff!!!!

Those are just a few of the high points for me. The entire show is great and you can read about it in Joe's review.

Well done, guys!!! Big thanks to Melissa, Phil, John, Daniel, Brian, Neal and Ted K. You all rule in my book!

-- Stephanie Bargenquast

Author's Note: Jeff Snauffer, the violin and mandolin player who performed with Glass Harp that night was killed in an auto accident three weeks after the show. He was one of the evening's many highlights and my condolences go out to his family. He was a joy to watch and talk to.

Concert Setlist

Children's Fantasy
Seven In A Box
From the Beginning
In Every Cathedral
Never Is A Long Time
Weather Boy
Sign Came Through A Window
Can You See Me
Voice Of God Call Out
I Play Acoustic Guitar
Everlasting Light
Once A Day Dream
What's In Your Heart
My Prayer
Drum Solo
You Whisper Something
Look In The Sky
If Love Is All We've Got
John the Revelator
David & Goliath
Going Home
Do Lord

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