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Glass Harp at the 29th Annual Dallas International Guitar Show
5:30pm - 7pm, Peavey Stage
April 23rd, 2006

Greetings from Texas!

Glass Harp performed on the main stage Sunday and closed out the Dallas International Guitar Festival in style. It was their 3rd appearance in 6 years. Unlike the last time they were here, they started pretty close to on time so they got to play a full set. Also, like the last time they were here for the festival, the day was dominated by shredders on the main stage. Gary Hoey, George Lynch, and Andy Timmons all preceded Phil. I had to wander the aisles through those sets because there wasn't a melody in sight and all the power chords were making my teeth rattle.

Glass Harp came on about 5:50 and played until a few minutes after 7. After a few minutes of setting up and finding Phil a guitar strap (again this year). They jumped right in with Greg Martin (Kentucky Headhunters and friend of Phil) for the first song. I will just list each song with a few comments.

1) John the Revelator - Greg started this song with the Harp but left the stage for some technical difficulty. I couldn't see what the issue was because there was ton of people standing and I missed him leaving. He came back as the boys were fixing to go into the ending jam portion of the song. Greg and Phil traded licks. Am I the only that gets joy out of watching Phil play with others. I just love the encouraging look and smiles he gives to whoever it is playing with him.

2) Whatever Life Demands - flawlessly played. I don't think they had a set list because I was close enough to hear them discussing what to play next, so they went into

3) David & Goliath/Going Home/Do Lord - Awesome performance of these classic Glass Harp songs. At the end of Do Lord Phil went off into improv land and did some plastic thingy soloing. Very cool. While I am thinking about it Phil was playing a Les Paul, looked to be a golden paint job. I am not sure who it belonged to.

4) Chalice - wonderfully played with Glass Harp. I love this song so much more when I hear it live.

5) ???? - I have no idea what song this was. It didn't sound like a Glass Harp song, at least to me. It was sung by Daniel, Greg Martin reappeared halfway thru the song which led to another Phil and Greg jam at the end.

6) Green Onions - it took me a minute to figure this one out because there wasn't a B-3 organ in sight. I think Phil just kind of jumped in and got this song going and the others followed (still w/ Greg) and it just evolved into another extended minute jam. Phil used a little mouth trumpet on this song. The jamming was smoking hot. It was so hot that when this song was over the fire alarm was going off - literally. I am just glad they didn't make us exit the building. Greg Martin left after this song.

7) Changes - another classic Harp song, sung by John. At the end of this song Phil went on an improv looping expedition that had jaws dropping all around the hall. He dropped in some stinging lead playing on top of this and did some beautiful harmonics in there as well. It was a magnificently creative and executed use of an electric guitar. When Phil started his improv John left the stage for the moment. It was funny because when Phil started winding down John came rushing back to his kit and you could hear him fumble his sticks briefly before they did the little crash finish. Phil wheeled around pointing at John with that mischievous grin like he was saying "I almost got ya!"

8) Shades of Green - Acoustic time - woohooo!! Dedicated to a youngster in the crowd. Lots of ooohs and ahhhhhs in the crowd which got even louder when he did

9) Legacy - I haven't heard this one in a while in concert, but I love it. One of my personal faves. I am not sure which guitar he brought with him to use acoustic wise, I think it was an Olson.

10) Children's Fantasy - on this final song Phil used a red Fender Stratocaster (again, not sure who it belonged to). As they wound down on Children's Fantasy they did a little jamming and Phil wound up playing the famous lead line from "Love Broke Thru" a couple of times and then he played the opening run to "Like an Island" as they changed the tempo and went right into "Nothing But The Blood" to end the show and the festival. It was a beautiful ending to beautiful set by Glass Harp.

I took pictures but they came out terrible (dark). I hope the boys keep coming back down to the Festival every couple of years. It has been a blast watching them here in Dallas. This guitar show is wonderful. These guys (Jimmy Wallace/Mark Pollack) always put it together right. They have multiple stages, I think there was 5 this year. 3 for electric acts, 1 acoustic stage and they had a stage for Artist Q & A/Demo. And all the guitars (and drums) you would ever want to see. I was hoping to see Phil jam at one of the All Star jams they had going but he didn't this time. It is a wonderful 3 day event.

Phil, John, and Daniel were great. Daniel is kind of stoic on stage so its funny to watch Phil with his impish grin looking at Daniel, like he is trying to get a reaction or something from him. Speaking of Daniel, he came up to the front of the stage early in the set and gave a child some earplugs which I thought was a rather cool gesture on his part. It was rather loud and I hope that young one wasn't in there for the previous acts as well. It was a wonderful experience, thanks again to Glass Harp for coming down and playing especially in light of recent events. God bless!


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