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Ever since they first disbanded in 1972, Glass Harp fans have been clammoring for a reunion. Phil, John and Daniel have played a few "official" reunions (as well as a few surprise ones) over the years, but nothing close to the magnitude of October 22, 2000 with the Youngstown Symphony Orchestra at Powers Auditorium, Youngstown, OH. That magical night was what this site was originally designed to commenorate in reviews and pictures. Since then, Glass Harp has been playing dates every few months and surprising us fans with how much better they get with every show. So, rather than leave this site forever on Oct 22, 2000, I've decided to chronicle everything from then on and give new fans a bit of background information. I hope you enjoy your stay here! And since this site wouldn't exist without the contributions of fans, feel free to contact me if you have pictures or reviews you'd like added.

The question on every fan's mind these days is, "Has Glass Harp officially reunited?"

Read on, and you be the judge!


Circa 72: Vintage 1972 PBS performance is finally being released on DVD! Look here for details.

The first three Glass Harp CD's have be re-released by MusicMill Entertainment!

Glass Harp, Synergy and It Makes Me Glad are now on CD in the United States since they were originally released in the early 70's! The original masters have been digitally enhanced and each disc contains a new bonus track from that period. You can order them from or


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