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Phil Keaggy, May 2005 
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Phil Keaggy has released more than 50 albums and contributed to hundreds, if not thousands, of other artists' material. He has played bars, high school assemblies, churches, ballrooms, auditoriums, arenas and festivals.

Phil has proven himself across all styles of music. He can thrill an audience with an acoustic guitar as easily as he can with an electric. Whether he is playing progressive rock with Glass Harp or a simple acoustic ballad during a solo concert, leading an orchestra on classical guitar or just jamming with friends in a dressing room, his ability is clear. Phil's energy, enthusiasm and humor are contagious! And once you slip a Les Paul into his hands, hold on to your seats! He is also an acomplished vocalist, lyricist, composer and producer.

This site is designed by and for fans of Phil Keaggy and Glass Harp. This site will help you discover Phil's career and put you in touch with other PK fans worldwide. The March of the Clouds section will provide you with information on Phil's biography and discography as well as history, pictures and sounds. In the Strings Attached section, you'll be treated with news and information on the current and historic happenings of Phil's previous band, the Glass Harp who, to the delight of many, are playing together again. Anyone hungry for more can check out the Phil Keaggy Email Discussion List as well as our new community message boards where you can get answers to your questions and see what other fans have to say. There is much more to be had here, so please feel free to take a look around!
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2007-04-20 - Bowling Green, KY,
2008-04-24 - Marion, IL, Phil & John
2009-08-01 - Arnolds Park, IA, Phil Keaggy
2009-06-12 - West Chicago, IL, Phil & Randy


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