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The Squires
General Information
Tracks: 2
Released: 1966-67, Penguin Records, 16161 (45rpm)
Re-released: 1984, Pebbles, AIP 10015, "Highs in the Mid Sixties: Vol 9 - Ohio"
Track Information
1 Batmobile [Listen, RealAudio]
2 I Don't Care [Listen, RealAudio]
Band Information
Guitar: Phil Keaggy
Others: Bob Flamisch, Jim Love, Al Frano
Notes / Comments
Two interesting songs. "Batmobile" is a loud instrumental and "I Don't Care" is a Beatle-esque anti-love song. Very 60s sounding. Phil was 16, and already impressive on the guitar!
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You can find this at: eBay
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