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Phil Keaggy Concert Review
Faith Memorial Church
Dallas, TX
May 7th, 2006

Greetings from Texas! For the second time in 2 weeks we were blessed with another concert appearance from Phil here in Dallas. 2 weeks ago he appeared at the Dallas International Guitar Festival with Glass Harp. Last night he was here to perform a benefit concert for some local programs that are being sponsored by Faith Memorial Church, where the concert was held. The crowd was kind of sparse, I'm not sure if there was any radio advertising for Phil's concert this go around. Phil played 2 sets with a brief video presentation and an intermission sandwiched in between. When Phil was introduced, he came out and said he would be playing 2 sets, with each set about 35 to 40 minutes in length. The first set was he wound up playing about 55 minutes in length which was cool.

First Set
1) Intro/Strong Tower - standard Phil opening
2) Just the Same Today - haven't heard this song in concert in a while, very cool!
3) From the Beginning - he kind of explained the looping capabilities that he employed and demonstrated by playing a little chicken picker run that kept=20 repeating. As it kept repeating he flipped his guitar around backwards and said you can play air guitar, then made a comment about being able to fake it......kind of like on Saturday Night Live, but I'm not naming names. The song=20 was wonderful with a lot of improvisation.
4) Thank You - New song, I think he said it would be on the new vocal album, not sure about the title though. 5) Here Comes the Sun - Dedicated to someone in the crowd named John
6) Revive Me - This song has kind of grown on me with the vocal being kind of low for Phil
7) The Blood 8) Shades of Green - Irish/Jamaican blend, his words. He had a little moment where he came out in front of his microphone to play up on the edge of the stage and when he was stepping back he stepped on something and shut his whole rig down for a second. He figured it out pretty quickly and picked up where he left off. He employed his plastic strip for the Jamaican sounds. He was soloing and looping, but he kept moving the plastic strip to different=20 positions getting different tones in his loop and then he went to the E-Bow to end the song. I love his exploring.....
9) True Believers - He started this song off with a slow rhythm and then after the first verse he went into the normal tempo and did his usual superb extended version of this song. That ended the first set.....

2nd Set - 70 minutes
10) Salvation Army Band - lots of looping, singing in the sound hole. Never get tired of Phil's improvising
11) Little Lamb Dragonfly - dedicated to Margaret in the audience. McCartney song that Phil said he learned that day to play for Margaret. I have never heard this particular McCartney song but I had to look it up. Its on Red Rose Speedway, if anybody is wondering. He mentioned that he first heard right before him and Bernadette were married back in 73.
12) There With You - my wife and I love this song, will be on the new vocal=20 album that he said he is almost finished with. I am ready for it!
13) In the Garden - Bob Dylan song from Saved that was requested
14) Time/Love Broke Thru - another request was Time. He talked about how this month 30 years ago he was recording these songs. I don't remember hearing Time very often in concert but it was great. After he finished Love Broke Thru someone yelled out "Phil, you're the best". Phil replied "let's just say I am
the best on this stage right now...except the Lord" which got laughs and applause. Then he talked about first starting out playing and how his dad told him "Petey, guitar players are a dime a dozen" and how that is true more so today than ever. He talked about back in the 60's having a guitar was cool and being in a band was even cooler. Then he said having a Fender was really cool but having the whole car was better which brought laughs from all the guitarists in the audience. He said that he got the Les Paul because of Michael Bloomfield, funny how he didn't get a Les Paul because of Les Paul. He talked of his love of Bloomfield's style and how he almost got to jam with him once, but sadly how he died far too young. Phil then moved into talking about Rich Mullins and said he was another artist who had died too young and talked about getting to play "Hold Me Jesus" at a tribute to Rich before he was taken from us. He talked of how Rich sat there beaming as Phil played "Hold Me Jesus" for him and that the next time Phil played this song, it was at Rich's memorial service. Phil also mentioned that he had recorded "Hold Me Jesus' for his upcoming vocal release.
15) Hold Me Jesus - beautifully done with more improvised playing at the end on top of a looped part. As he was soloing he kept changing the tuning on different strings. It was a wonderfully delicate bit of playing. Always brings a lump to my throat.....

16) How Can I Thank You - not sure if it is new, written for and about his sister Mary Ellen who as many of you know lead Phil to the Lord back in 1970
17) If Not For You/Metamorphosis/Rivulets/Del's Bells - George Harrison song that segue 'd into the 3 Acoustic Sketches numbers. Awesome ending to a great night of music from Phil........

Phil was great as usual. His rig seemed to be missing a lot of pieces=20 tonight not that I could tell from the way he played. I have seen him a ton of=20 times and he usually has more pedals and other assorted gadgets. I am not a=20 gearhead so I am not sure if he has just consolidated his setup with new equipment or just brought less with him. Also I don't think Brian was with him last night because he mentioned the church's sound man from the stage and thanked him. Also, former Dallas Cowboy Nate Newton was a speaker on behalf of the programs. He gave his testimony and was quite impressed with Phil's ability and, more importantly, with Phil's heart. The programs being supported were Vision Regeneration (Gang intervention & prevention), Promise House (Family=20 Violence), Visions Kids (outreach/Mentoring program for Kids). All are worthwhile programs here in the Dallas community. It was a great night. Thanks to Phil, once again for coming and performing here in Dallas.


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