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Computeror, more affectionately, Keaggy-L, is, well, an email discussion list for anyone who likes Phil's music. More like a coffee house than an email list, there are a wide range of ages, occupations and opinions. From high schoolers to grandparents, professional musicians to computer programmers to students and anything in between, this list is a place to talk with others about Phil, his music, guitars, CCM, lawnmowers, farmhouses, rusty pumps and much more. But the best thing, I think, about this list is we're a family. We share praises, prayer requests and anything in between. Many members have met in person and have become good friends. Be warned, though, there is a very informal atmosphere here and Phil isn't always the main idea. This is a great place to get current information on PK or just hang out with friends.

OKC Project (what's this):
Those who contributed something to the OKC project, would you please go to Sacred Soul Records'
Forum for updates, information and discussion. You will need to both register and then contact "Jazz" (the system administrator) to gain access to the OKC section.

Inspired II:
Those interested in contributing to the second installment of "Inspired" music can go to the Sacred Soul Records
Forums for updates, information and discussion with other interested parties. You must register and then contact "Jazz" (the system administrator) to gain access to the Inspired II section.

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